Rekindling My Blogging Mojo!

August 10, 2014 housing policy

Being interviewed last week for a University of St Andrew’s blog on open access, made me feel slightly guilty at how I’ve neglected my own blog since going on, and returning from maternity leave.

Adjusting to working life with a west to east commute and a clingy toddler is not easy.  But being back 6 months now, I feel we’re starting to slide into something resembling a routine.  Kind of.

Lots of exciting stuff has happened work-wise this year.  I was delighted to become Chair of the Housing Studies Association (a UK Learned Society) in April, and more recently I’ve become co-Director of the Centre for Housing Research with my colleague (and fellow blogger and Tweeter), Louise Reid.  I am also visiting the University of California, Berkeley at the end of the year to take part in a conference organised by Prof. Mark Bevir and the Centre for British Studies: Governmentality after Neoliberalism.  And closer to home I’ll be running a workshop at the Employer’s in Voluntary Housing conference in Crieff Hydro in October.  It’s all go.

My other goal for the year is to rekindle my passion for blogging.  I think open-access and social media are the future of academic research.  So, along with like-minded colleagues I’ll be launching a new Critical Urbanist’s blog in the autumn.  This is a collaborative writing project that will provide an online space for critical commentary on contemporary urban issues.  Watch this space for details of our launch!


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