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October 31, 2014 housing policy

New Horizons

For the time being I’ve shifted my blogging attention to ‘Critical Urbanists’ – a new collaborative writing blog involving critical urban scholars blogging about urban stuff!  I am one of three managing editors (the others being Tom Moore and Joe Crawford).  But we also have a wider editorial collective drawn from across a number of UK institutions: St Andrews (Leahy, Reid); Sheffield (Flint, Inch); Stirling (Matthews, Robertson, Theakstone); Bristol (Manley); Westminster (Manzi); and York (Meers).


What’s it for?

Critical Urbanists has three core objectives:

  • To promote online debate and discussion about urban social theory, policy and practice
  • To provide an open and inclusive platform for these debates, offering a more instant medium than traditional academic publishing
  • To encourage contributions from scholars at all career stages, and from those outside academia, who are concerned with our broad thematic focus. We especially welcome contributions from early career academic researchers


How can I get involved?

We welcome contributions that respond to critical academic debates and contemporary policy issues, or that reflect on ongoing or completed research. Contributions will typically be 750-1000 words in length.

We have a core editorial group and a wider group of theme editors. The first stage would be to contact the theme editor most appropriate to the focus of your contribution, or a member of the core editorial group if you are unsure who to contact.



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