Funded Research

I have directed and contributed to research projects commissioned by academic funders including the Leverhulme Foundation, Carnegie Trust, ESRC, British Academy and the Urban Studies Foundation, as well as public and third sector agencies, such as Shelter, the Scottish Government, the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations and Fife Housing Partnership:

13. Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap: intergenerational justice and family welfare.  February 2012 – 2015. Leverhulme Research Programme Grant (with Beverley Searle PI, Duncan Maclennan, Maarten van Ham, Lorna Fox-O’Mahony, Karen Rowlingson & Chris Wilson). (Co-I)

Summary: inter-disciplinary, mixed-methods programme of research organised around 5 different workstreams to explore issue of intergenerational justice and housing wealth. I am leading the workstream on Young People, Tenure Choices & Welfare, supported by a full-time research fellow.   See policy review paper in Housing Studies, Briefings 4 (Where are Young People Living?) and Briefings 6 (Fallacy of Choice).  Follow us on Twitter.

12.  Affordable Housing Need in Scotland.  Dec 2014-Sep 2015.  Shelter Scotland, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland (with Ryan Powell, Ed Ferrari and Richard Dunning) (Co-I)

Summary: commissioned by Shelter Scotland and partners to develop a pan-Scotland assessment of affordable housing need.

11. Housing Aspirations of the People in Scotland.  January-August 2015.  Scottish Government (with Tom Moore and Joe Crawford) (PI)

Summary: qualitative research to explore the housing aspirations of people in Scotland -what’s most important type, tenure or location?  How does this vary spatially and by generations?  See the project report here.

10. Deconstructing Generation Rent: young people’s housing options and future welfare – a one day seminar , February 2015, Housing Studies Association (with Tom Moore) (Co-I)

Summary:  a one day seminar featuring Dr Peter Mackie as keynote speaker.  See call for papers and presentations online.

9. Housing Generation Rent: what are the challenges for housing policy in Scotland?  January-March 2015.  Carnegie Small Research Grant (PI)

Summary: drawing on key actor interviews this project will explore the issues facing generation rent within the context of the Scottish housing market and policy framework.  Read the project report here, and the associated briefing paper here.


8. The Big Society, Localism & Housing Policy. November 2012 – May 2014.  ESRC Seminar Series (with Jenny Muir, Duncan Maclennan, John Flint, Ed Ferrari, David Clapham & Tom Moore) (PI)

Summary: inter-disciplinary, cross-sector, international seminar series, which seeks to deconstruct both ‘localism’ and ‘the big society’ – terms that have gained popular currency in policy and political agendas in the UK and beyond.  For further details please contact the project administrator Dr Tom Moore.  Follow us on Twitter.


7. Scotland’s Community-Based Housing Association Movement: the epitome of the Big Society?  January – March 2012. Carnegie Small Research Grant (sole investigator)

Summary: exploratory qualitative study interested in the relevance of the Big Society for housing policy in Scotland, with a focus on community anchor housing associations.  You can view the project report here

6. Community Controlled Housing Organisations and Regeneration. April – July 2011. Glasgow and West and Scotland Form of Housing Associations (sole investigator).

Summary: commissioned to lead GWSF’s response to the Scottish Government’s regeneration discussion document, in collaboration with GWSF members.  You can view the project report here.

5. Fife Housing Partnership Scenario Planning Event. April – June 2010. Fife Housing Partnership (with Duncan Maclennan PI, Sharon Chisholm & Tony O’Sullivan).

Summary: team of researchers from CHR, led by Maclennan, delivered a visioning exercise for FHP to support the development of their Local Housing Strategy. Involved range of policymakers and practitioners from across Fife, and also representatives from the Scottish Government.

4. Exploring the Meaning of ‘Home’ and ‘Tenure’ in the Intermediate Housing Market. July – September 2009. Urban Studies Foundation (sole investigator)

Summary:  involved qualitative research with residents in three case study areas in the west of Scotland who purchased their homes via shared equity or shared ownership schemes. Offered critical analysis of LCHO policies as well as engaged in theoretical debates about tenure-mix, stigma and the normalisation of homeownership. See papers in Urban Studies, Geojournal & PPP.

3. Theorising Governance Early-Career Symposium. May 2009. Urban Studies Foundation (sole investigator)

Summary: funding secured to host an inter-disciplinary symposium at Glasgow University for early-career academics interested in governance debates.

2. Empowering Glasgow’s Tenants through Community Ownership: a tenants’ perspective. August-December 2008. British Academy SG 50318 (sole investigator).

Summary: project involved focus groups with Glasgow Housing Association tenants to explore changes in social housing governance following the 2003 housing stock transfer. Reflected on wider implications for social housing policy and governance, and developed use of Foucauldian theory in Housing Studies. See papers in PPP, HTS & Local Economy.

1. Reconfiguring Housing Governance in Glasgow Post-Stock Transfer: regulatory and liberatory possibilities. Oct 2004 – September 2007. ESRC PTA-030-2003-01008 (PhD studentship, open competition).

Summary: qualitative PhD which drew on and developed Foucauldian theory to explore changes in social housing governance in Glasgow following the city’s 2003 housing stock transfer. Offered lessons for social housing policy and governance, as well as development of housing and social theory. See papers in EJHP, HTS, Area, Space & Polity, Housing Studies & CSP.